AlaHealth understands the landscape of healthcare and the unique needs of the state of Alabama.

Through our enterprise affiliation, AlaHealth has more than 50 years of healthcare administration experience supporting diverse member populations across Alabama. Without innovation we can’t positively impact the health of Alabamians. AlaHealth brings innovative, creative solutions to making Alabamians healthier. The combination of extensive Alabama demographic knowledge, government healthcare contract expertise, and passion for improving the healthcare of Alabama’s most at-risk population makes AlaHealth uniquely qualified to address the gaps in Alabama’s healthcare delivery system.

Core Values


AlaHealth pledges to be creative, identify new partners, and seek new methods to address access to and education about healthcare in Alabama’s underserved populations.


AlaHealth is singularly focused on lowering the barriers to healthcare for the underserved communities of Alabama through any smart means necessary.


AlaHealth is dedicated to filling the gaps and providing solutions for the betterment of all of us.