AlaHealth presents a wide array of services offered by people who have extensive experience in healthcare administration.

AlaHealth uses effective care management, project management, and contract management to bring fresh answers to old problems. Healthcare administration is about more than just paying claims; our holistic approach includes educating, engaging, and serving the traditionally underserved healthcare populace of Alabama.

Core Competencies

Care Management

Our staff of dedicated professionals treat each patient as an individual, determining not only the treatment needed, but also how best to make sure the patient has the surrounding support to gain the most from the treatment. Maybe it is education on how the medications work and when they should be taken. Maybe it is assistance to transport the patient to appointments. Patients are unique, and therefore, their care is determined on an individual basis.

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Program Management

We take a team approach with every client. Our partners and associates help solve complex healthcare administration issues that allow our clients to focus on managing care and improving health outcomes. Not sure what the problem is? We provide a Six Sigma approach to root cause identification and program management skills to plan out a course of correction.

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Healthcare Administration Services

With nearly 75 years of collective experience navigating the complexities of the ever-changing healthcare environment, our experienced team of partners can assist you with addressing almost any healthcare delivery gap. Healthcare administration is about more than just paying claims. It’s about identifying innovative, creative solutions that provide the smartest possible outcomes.

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Partner Opportunities

Does your company offer compatible services? If so, we would love to talk with you about opportunities to partner with us to find and fill the gaps in Alabama’s underserved healthcare populace. We are looking for organizations who share our passion about improving healthcare in Alabama.

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Integrated Care Network (ICN)

In 2018, the Alabama Medicaid Agency presented the ICN program to provide enhanced case management, education and outreach services to most Medicaid long-term care recipients in both the HCBS and institutional settings.  The goal of the program is to give people the tools they need to move from a nursing home back into their homes.  For this program, AlaHealth partnered with Shared Health and Senior Select Partners to form Alabama Select.  Alabama Select went live for the ICN program in late 2018 and currently cares for approximately 23,000 Medicaid recipients.  To learn more about Alabama Select click here.

Alabama Coordinated Health Network (ACHN)

AlaHealth is a subcontractor to My Care Alabama for the ACHN program.  In 2019, the Alabama Medicaid Agency presented the ACHN program to provide care coordination to Medicaid recipients.  This program combines care coordination for chronic care management, pregnancy care management, family planning and primary care case management into a single delivery system.  Under the ACHN program, My Care Alabama is currently responsible for care coordination of approximately 350,000 Medicaid recipients in the Northwest, Central and East regions of Alabama.  To learn more about My Care Alabama click here.

Annual Wellness Engagement Support (AWES)

In 2021, AlaHealth contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama to make outbound calls to select Medicare Advantage recipients to schedule Annual Wellness visits.  The goal of this program is to increase quality outcomes for the program, providers and members.  In addition to scheduling Annual Wellness Visits, AlaHealth also works with Medicare members to schedule care service appointments for mammograms, colonoscopies and other services.

Alabama Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (ASRAE)

In 2021, the Alabama Department of Public Health presented the ASRAE program to provide funding to agencies for sexual risk avoidance education.  ASRAE is designed to teach youth personal responsibility, self-regulation, goal setting, healthy decision-making, a focus on the future, and the prevention of youth risk behaviors such as drug and alcohol usage without normalizing teen sexual activity.  Through ASRAE, AlaHealth has funding to administer this program to middle and high school students in Lowndes and Montgomery counties.

Nurse-Family Partnership

In 2022, the National Service Office of the Nurse-Family Partnership approved AlaHealth as a Nurse-Family Partnership partner. Nurse-Family Partnership is a nationally recognized, evidence-based program that provides prenatal, postpartum, and infant home visiting services for the family unit until the child reaches age two. AlaHealth Nurse-Family Partnership provides care coordination, assessments and screenings, case management, and preventative health education services for families in Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, and Morgan counties. To learn more about AlaHealth Nurse-Family Partnership, click here.

Healthcare Administration Services

Our experienced team of partners can assist you with addressing almost any healthcare delivery gap.

Services Provided:

  • Claims Processing
  • Customer Contact Center
  • Appeals Processing
  • Provider Enrollment
  • Member Enrollment
  • Authorizations and Referrals
  • Provider Network Consulting